Herpetofauna Award for Education and Conservation Excellence

The “Herpetofauna Award for Educational and Conservation Excellence” focusses on Herpetological projects that make a real difference. Many projects have an immediate positive impact on animal and human lives, every single one fuelled by hardworking and passionate scientists. Unfortunately many of these dedicated scientists struggle in their endeavour to secure funding. The Herpetofauna foundation continuously aims to support and inspire individuals working in the field of herpetology, therefore the “Herpetofauna Award for Education and Conservation Excellence” was brought to life.


We invite you to send us your nominees for the 2019 award. Feel free to nominate projects or scientists that you feel are impactful in the field of Herpetology and deserving of funding and acknowledgement. From the nominees a jury of international scientists will select three finalists. Those will be invited to attend the “Venomous snakes as flagship species” symposium from the 10th to the 12th of October 2019 in Burgers’ Zoo, the Netherlands, in person or through a live connection. During the symposium attendees will be able to vote for the finalist of their choice. The winner will be awarded a sum of 1.000,00 USD funding and will be featured on the Herpetofauna website.


Nominations can be sent to voorzitter@stichtingherpetofauna.com before the end of August 2019 and should include a short bio or project description, references to previous work and at least one picture. Finalists are required to make a short (max 2 minute) video. This video will be shown at the symposium and should include an introduction of the project/scientist and a plead on why they feel they deserve the award. Finalists will be contacted in due time by the chairman of the Herpetofauna foundation.


We are looking forward to your nominations!